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Subject: [ubl] Resolution: May 2003 UBL TC meeting

UBL members,

As most of you know, our charter commits us to meeting at least
once a year in Europe.  This year, our meeting in March was hosted
by the UN/EDIFACT Working Group in Barcelona.

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee, which is responsible for
recommending meeting times to the TC in the context of other
scheduled industry events, decided in its meeting 20 November 2002
to recommend to the TC that it hold its spring meeting in London
28 April through 2 May 2003.  This week was chosen to locate the
meeting near the XML Europe 2003 conference 5-8 May in London so
that we can maximize our participation in the conference and use
it as a venue to publicize UBL and to roll out committee
specifications planned for that time.  APACS has kindly offered
facilities for the meeting at their offices in London, and we may
also have an offer from the XML Europe organizers for meeting
rooms at the conference venue.

If this plan is adopted, our meeting schedule for the first half
of 2003 will be as follows:

   3 through 7 February 2003 hosted by DISA/X12 in Denver
   28 April through 2 May 2003 hosted by APACS in London

The schedule in both cases assumes that the meeting runs from
Monday morning through early afternoon (about 2 p.m.) on Friday.

If any voting member of the UBL TC objects to scheduling the
spring UBL TC meeting 28 April through 2 May 2003 in London,
please register that objection via mail to this list no later than
COB Sunday 1 December 2002.

Jon Bosak

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