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Subject: [ubl] Global vs. Local -- Gunther's Recommendation

UBL Team,

Greetings from cold, cold Kansas City. Moments ago Gunther delivered to
me his much-anticipated Global vs. Local recommendation. Jon suggested
and the TC agreed to a moderated discussion of Gunther's recommendation
on this list. We're getting a bit of a late start, so everyone needs to
be more constructive than ever when posting over the next few days. We
have a 2 March deadline to complete this discussion unless Lisa or Jon
directs me to extend it.

I've attached Gunther's document. I converted his original Word document
to PDF with line numbers and bookmarks. Included in the PDF are the
minutes from the last NDRSC discussion on the topic for your convenience
(refer to the archives for more information). I also included Gunther's
original Word document in case you want to check for better image
quality. Sorry about the attachment size, but I'm sure you understand in
this case.

Review the following ground rules and then weigh in with your opinions.
By the way, I'm the moderator.

Discussion Guidelines

1. Focus on Gunther's recommendation and supporting arguments. Do not
rehash past discussions unless they are relevant to Gunther's
recommendation and supporting arguments.

2. Validate Gunther's discussion of "the global problem" (my term).
Consider whether or not the problem really exists and the degree to
which the problem would impact stakeholders--end users especially.

3. Validate that Gunther's recommendation addresses the problem.

4. Consider whether or not Gunther's recommendation, if accepted, would
introduce new problems. If so, what are their implications? Which set of
problems minimizes negative impact on the stakeholders?

5. Be sure that you DO NOT somehow reply and include the attached file.

6. Refer to numbered sections, pages, and line numbers when appropriate.
Yes, I know, it's common sense.

7. Moderator suggestions are welcome when sent to jim.wilson@kcx.com.

Best regards,
Jim Wilson

816-525-2000 work
816-516-8847 mobile

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