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Subject: Fwd: Invitation to the third third product/property dictionary workshop

FYI, forwarded by Karl Best.  I doubt that any of us will be able
to cover this, but the invitation in the attachment is



Subject: Invitation to the third third product/property dictionary  workshop
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:16:46 +0200
From: guy pierra <pierra@ensma.fr>
To: karl.best@oasis-open.org

Dear Mr Karl Best

Your name was given to me by Howard Mason Chair of ISO TC184/SC4. I am 
Guy Pierra, Deputy convener of  ISO TC184/SC4/WG2 that develop the ISO 
13584 standard series known as PLIB., and my group, together with IEC 
SC3D, organizes a workshop in Poitiers to gather all the organizations 
that define (e.g., IEC SC3D, ECALS, RosettaNet, JEMIMA, ISO TC29, 
CNIS,.DIN,..) or reference (e. g. ebXML, UBL, OASIS,...) product and 
property domain dictionaries. This workshop is  also supported by NIST 
and IEC TC 93. The two previous worshops were organized in San Francisco 
(http://www.plib.ensma.fr/plib/upload/WORKSHOP_Doc.zip)  and Myrthe beach.

The  goal of this worshop is
1- to ensure compatibility of and free access to the various 
product/property domain dictionaries developed by various organizations 
in various domains  to constitute a virtual global and cross-industry 
product/property dictionary that might be referenced by any e-business 
application, and.
2- to ensure that any standard business protocol may reference any 
product/property domain dictionaries.

The growth of e-commerce and e-business clearly request the development 
of both (standard) product/property dictionaries and (standard) business 
protocols and message formats and choreography. It also request 
interoperability and cooparation between these two kinds of standards. 
In this context, we would be very pleased to welcome OASIS representatives.

We look forward to meeting you in Poiters for this workshop

With best wishes

Guy Pierra
Deputy convener of ISO TC184/SC4/WG2 (PLIB)


* Guy PIERRA, Prof.
* Director of the  Laboratory of Applied Computer Science   (LISI)
* 		National Engineering School for Mechanics and Aerotechnics
*  and  	University of Poitiers 
* LISI/ENSMA -  Site du Futuroscope   - B.P. 109 -   86960 FUTUROSCOPE Cedex - FRANCE
* Tel. (+33) (0)5-49-49-80-60  -  fax :  (+33) (0)5-49-49-80-64
* http://www.lisi.ensma.fr/  and  http://www.plib.ensma.fr/-  e-mail : pierra@ensma.fr  

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