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Subject: UBL coordination meetings

Hello UBL TC,

In order to better coordinate activities in the UBL subcommittees,
the UBL Chairs SC has decided to establish a regular weekly
meeting to track action items and pursue the resolution of issues
that cross SC boundaries.  The meetings will take place every
Friday at 11 p.m. in Perth and Hong Kong, which is Friday at 7
a.m. California time in the northern hemisphere winter and Friday
at 8 a.m. California time in the northern hemisphere summer.  The
meetings will be chaired by myself (TC chair) or by Mark Crawford
(TC vice chair).  Our schedule for the next couple of months is as

   2003.12.05    Meet    Chair: Jon
   2003.12.12    Meet    Chair: Jon
   2003.12.19    Meet    Chair: Jon
   2003.12.26    Skip
   2004.01.02    Skip
   2004.01.09    Meet    Chair: Mark
   2004.01.16    Meet    Chair: Mark
   2004.01.23    Meet    Chair: Mark
   2004.01.30    Meet    Chair: Mark
   2004.02.06    Meet    Chair: Jon

UBL chairs and secretaries are required to attend these meetings,
and all active UBL participants are urged to attend as well.  In
fact, these are simply more regular but less formal versions of
the joint SC meetings that we hold from time to time in order to
resolve shared technical issues.

The primary output of these meetings will be AI and issues lists
that will be maintained at fixed locations where they can easily
be accessed by everyone.  Anne Hendry has volunteered to put
together the initial lists, but we will need someone to help
maintain them going forward.  Our first set of coordination issues
(which will serve as the agenda for tomorrow's meeting) is as

 - Uniform procedures for publishing SC minutes

 - Elimination of cross-posting between SC lists

 - Publication of NDRs

 - RosettaNet NDR input

 - Code lists

 - Schema generation

 - Q/A of deliverables

 - Final CCTS alignment

 - Formal contribution of UBL semantics to TBG17

 - Creation and maintenance of Beta/FCS diff lists for input to
   localization SCs and implementors

 - Customization

Every UBL participant interested in these issues should attend the
coordination meetings, beginning with the first one on 5 December,
and everyone involved in UBL should make it a point to monitor the
issues list once it's been established in order to attend the
meetings at which issues of interest to them will be discussed.

We expect that some issues will be dealt with by asking for ad hoc
volunteer teams to perform an analysis and report back at the next
meeting.  The willingness of members to take on these short-term
tasks will be essential to the success of this plan.


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