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Subject: RE: [ubl] Re: UBL coordination meetings

Chee-Kai wrote -

> Sorry, Jon, for including your name knowing that you're also
> included in ubl list.  But it serves to illustrate what I
> needed to say.
> I've found it useful to include names more often than otherwise
> for the simple reason of "replying to them, plus posting to list".
> This is more a communication requirement/desire.  It is also 
> important that people listed in the cc or main "To" list know
> that they're being responded to, or a reply of sort might be
> desired from them.,

Jon is absolutely correct on this.  I consider it rude for folks to stuff my mailbox with multiple copies of an email - regardless of their intentions.  Better you send a message to just me if you need my personal attention, or else put something in the salutation such as Dear Mark, or Mark Please Respond. Quite frankly sending me something twice only aggravates me - it does not in any way draw my attention to the need to respond.

I also want to to reiterate what Jon has said about blindly replying and leaving the entire original message string intact - please don't do it.   besides being confusing to the readers, it adds bits to already bloated mail systems that are then unnecessarily backed up for perpetuity. 



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