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Subject: Fwd: CPSIN IJI recommendations


Duane Nickull has kindly forwarded the following document,
entitled "Recommendations for placement of CPSIN IJI Data
Dictionary Data Elements into an ebXML / ISO-IEC 11179 Metadata
Facility."  He describes its relevance to UBL as follows:

   The report contains the details of implementing the UN/CEFACT
   CCTS methodology (albeit within the vertical of law
   enforcement/justice) including Context methodology within an
   ebXML Registry/repository system.  I feel this is highly
   relevant to the UBL context group.  We ran across many problems
   implementing this and had to raise certain questions.

   1. The use of context within the methodology of CCTS can be
      implemented by use of an XML context declaration.  This will
      encompass 7 context categories in alignment with CCTS v 2.0.
      The problem of serialization was solved via the XML
      representation in such a way as to preserve forwards
      compatibility.  The issues of too many context combinations
      arose and we feel we have solved the problems and
      successfully demonstrated how to implement this using the
      ebXML registry/repository.

   2. The assembly of several smaller data elements into a larger
      aggregation was addressed.  We built an XML context based
      assembly mechanism and ran it through some tests.  It passed
      with flying colors.

   3. The use of a registry/repository to contain individual data
      elements may also be relevant.  We had to harmonize a data
      dictionary with an existing data model, CCTS, ISO/IEC 11179
      2002 Part 3 and ebXML Regrep.  after reconciling the models,
      we feel that there is some value for other groups to be
      aware of this work.

I would also note that this report appears to be relevant to the
issue of when and how to enter UBL into the ebXML-based Standards
Registry just announced by OASIS.



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