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Subject: Re: [ubl] Outcomes of joint SC call 2004.04.02


| >Most importantly, this plan has not yet been presented to
| >      the OAG membership, so we cannot be sure that changes we
| >      implement in UBL 1.0 will match changes implemented in OAGIS
| >      9.0.  We should know more about this following the OAG
| >      meeting scheduled for the end of this month.
| is there an action to ensure UBL's committed position on item (2) and 
| (3) will be finalised by then? I think the onus is on us to take the 
| initaitive or we will just cycle round again.

I think that two things are needed here:

1. The inclusion of CCTS schema alignment on our "to do" list for
   1.1.  I've already got this entered on a list that I will be
   putting out for review and approval once we've got the 1.0
   packaging done.

2. The appointment of a team to actually engage with our
   counterparts in OAG so that we have something done in time for
   1.1.  This is harder.  Are there volunteers?


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