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Subject: Re: [ubl] UBL 1.0 schemas without the draft-n suffix

I've just generated the XPaths using the files posted by Stephen at 
20040407-1300z and I note:

   (1) - codeName has been changed back to name as expected

   (2) - Nertwork has been changed to Network as expected

   (3) - the languageLocalID attribute introduced in 12.1 is gone,
         but I don't remember any discussion about removing it; it
         wasn't in 10.1, it showed up in 12.1 and is gone again

I hope this helps.

................ Ken




At 2004-04-07 14:07 +0100, Stephen Green wrote:
>Well, Folks, here it is... possibly!
>Here are Schemas from David / Gefeg generated without the '-draft-n'
>suffix for UBL 1.0. They now await last minute review, agreements, etc.
>Two last minute changes were:
>1. thanks to a [ubl-comment] from Carlos Lozano we have corrected
>     a typo in CardAccount where NetworkID was miss-spelt
>     'NertworkID'. The models will need correcting accordingly.
>2. it seems the xsd dataype in draft 12.1 for languageID in the codelists
>     schema modules was xsd:string (cf. xsd:language in the CCT schema module)
>     and that this has now been corrected to xsd:language (any comments?)
>Congratulations All that we've got this far. Thanks Gefeg / David for 
>getting these
>out so quickly.
>All the best

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