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Subject: Outcomes of joint SC call 2004.04.07


   Jon Bosak
   Stephen Green
   Mike Grimley
   Anne Hendry
   Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath
   Sue Probert
   Marion Royal
   Lisa Seaburg
   Paul Thorpe

1. Schemas

   We have candidate final schemas and instances.  They have been
   checked in both XML Spy and MSV.

   Action: Jon to alert UML, FS, ASN.1, and RNG creators [done].

2. Spreadsheets

   Tim has created what we believe are the final versions of the
   spreadsheets.  They should be uploaded to the web site later

3. Meeting schedule

   In observance of Good Friday, there will be no packaging
   meeting Friday 4/9, but work will continue in email.  Meetings
   planned for next week include (this list is not necessarily

      Tue 4/13 08h00 SF daylight time: joint SC and packaging
      Wed 4/14 08h00 SF daylight time: joint SC and packaging
               09h00 SF daylight time: NDRSC meeting
               10h30 SF daylight time: CLSC meeting
               16h00 SF daylight time: CMSC meeting
      Fri 4/15 08h00 SF daylight time: Package review

   The Tuesday 4/13 joint SC meeting is intended to address
   packaging issues and to sign off on the schemas and instances
   after they have been processed by the UML, FS, ASN.1, and RNG
   creators.  The Wednesday 4/14 joint SC meeting is intended to
   address packaging issues.  We will also be considering the Hong
   Kong agenda in these meetings.

   The Wednesday NDRSC, CLSC, and CMSC meetings are intended to
   sign off on the documents that will be included in the 1.0
   package.  Members of these subcommittees need to complete and
   review their documents this week in preparation for final

4. Packaging schedule

   We are still on track for completion of 1.0 before the meeting
   in Hong Kong if everyone finishes their deliverables on time.
   Here is the current schedule:

      Tue 4/13 Packaging review; acceptance of all
          schema-dependent deliverables except FS

      Wed 4/14 NDR, CL, and CM sign-off

      Thu 4/15 Master doc revision including doc/ pieces

      Fri 4/16 Package review

      Mon 4/19 FS delivery and inclusion in the final build

      Tue 4/20 Sign-off on the 1.0 package

      Fri 4/23 Submission of CD for balloting

      Fri 4/30 Completion of CD balloting

5. Packaging review

 - Review procurement process {5}

      Stephen has looked at this; Bill will review.

 - Create diagram for {6.4}

      Tim has created a new diagram.

 - Review methodology {App B}

      Stephen will review {B.1}; the rest is either OK or is in

 - Regenerate diagram of conceptual model to correct overlapping
   labels {Fig B-2, App B.2.1}

      Tim has created a new section B.2.

 - Code list paper {App E}

      Marty has sent what he believes to be the final version;
      CLSC will meet today to begin review

      Action: Check Marty's version of the schema module diagram
      against Tim's.

 - NDR document for 1.0 {App B.4}

      Lisa is trying to contact Mark about this.  NDR needs to
      meet 4/14 to wrap this up.  If all we have by then is a
      checklist, then that's what we will have to ship with 1.0,
      but the checklist must align with the schemas as delivered.

 - Customization guidelines {B.7}

      See schedule above.

 - Review and update release notes {App A}

      Bill is working on this.

 - Appendix on work items for future development

      Jon has sent Tim some notes; Tim will generate some prose
      and send to Jon for further work.

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