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Subject: Partial 1.0 build (9 April)

I've uploaded another 1.0 build:


Changes this time:

   Added asn.1 spec from Paul Thorpe, edited the prose

   Moved [ASN.1] into normative references, uploaded the file to

   Included missing language in 6.2 from Stephen Green

   Included missing art/UBL-1.0-DocumentReferencePackage.jpg from
   Tim McGrath

   Recreated uml/implem, moved doctypes and packages back into
   implem, updated links

   Recreated uml/concept, created concept/comp and concept/assy,
   moved files from art/ into concept/comp and concept/assy,
   updated links

   Trimmed illustrations in uml/concept to improve inline display

   Made numerous small cosmetic improvements and implemented
   cross-reference links from normative reference mentions

Paul, Stephen, and Tim should review these changes to make sure
that nothing has been damaged in editing.


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