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Subject: Partial UBL 1.0 build (11 April)

The Easter Bunny has left this new build for you all:


He did the following this time:

   Included new UBL-1.0-DevProcess.jpg from Tim McGrath and
   changed link from gif to jpg

   Included a heap of editorial changes from Tim McGrath, 
   especially in Sections 5 and 6 and Appendix B

   Included new UML implementation models from Dave Carlson

   Made lots and lots of little editorial and cosmetic changes

Items still missing:

   doc/UBL-CL-1.0.pdf (Appendix E)
   doc/UBL-CM-1.0.pdf (Appendix B.7)
   doc/UBL-NDR-1.0.pdf (Appendix B.4)
   doc/UBL-credits-1.0.pdf (Front matter)

   Appendix C: Formatting Specifications (all)
   Appendix G: RELAX NG Specification (all)
   Appendix H: Future Work Items (all)

   Links to pdf files for instances (see Appendix D)


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