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Subject: Reminder: Hotels for UBL Plenary


Dorris Tai of HKU has sent the following reminder:

   Arrangements were made with hotels to block rooms for the
   guests coming to UBL Plenary. The hotels called to remind us
   that the deadline for room booking/confirmation is
   approaching. Could you please remind the UBL members who plan
   to come to the Plenary to make their reservations ASAP as the
   hotels will release unconfirmed rooms to non-UBL guests.

Information about hotels can be found at


I think it would be a good idea to settle on one hotel, but I
haven't had a second to check out the alternatives; has anyone
looked into this?

Note that the Bishop Lei is said to be "closest to the popular
bar/restaurant area, Lan Kwai Fong" ...


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