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Subject: Re: [ubl] review of index - links

Tim McGrath and Dave Carlson: note actions/queries attached to
your names below.


| Index Links
| A pass of the index, both online and zipped, showed the following broken =
| links:
| Section 1, Table of Contents:   link to Appendix G... RelaxNG...=20
|                         (pointing to RelaxNG but in the wrong section)

The link is OK.  It just looks wrong because there's not currently
enough text following the link target (the Appendix G title) to
allow the browser to put the target at the top of the page.

| Section B.6.2:   Delivery implemetation diagram gif broken because the =
| gif is named
|                         DespatchLine... rather than Delivery...

Hm.  The gif actually *is* a diagram for DespatchLine, or at least
it puts that at the top.  I'm guessing, but is it possible that
Dave Carlson pointed his diagram generation program at
DespatchLine rather than Delivery in the package diagram?


|                         The Shipment implementation diagram exists in =
| the folder but has no=20
|                         link or description entry in the index

Are we missing UBL-1.0-ShipmentPackage from uml/concept/comp?


| All other links worked correctly.
| In the zipped version, the spreadsheets do not open correctly (for=20
| my PC setup with Windows XP / IE6) when clicking the links.=20
| "An API call exited abnormally" error message pop-up appears=20
| and the documents do not open.=20
| This affects both sxc and xls files.
| There is no problem, in my setup, with the online version.         =20
| I can't think of an answer to this problem but just to flag it up.

Do you mean after you've unzipped the package, or are you trying
to do this by probing directly into the zip file without unzipping
it to create the directory structure?


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