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Subject: Index review - content

Appendix A.4    "...commercial UBL tools A list of tools ..."  missing full-stop
In appendix B.1  "..models following the UBL Naming and Design Rules described in Section B.4 according to.."    - this may need to be reworded, depending on what NDR document is included.
Appendix B.2   "..The document domponent model is the result .."
Appendix B.2  "The components in these models do not have any specific navigation described. This is defined as part of the structural assemblies required for each document type."    I agree the wording here is unclear. Tim has already reworded
this, "The associations in these model do not have any specific direction
defined.  They can be navigated in either direction.  It is when we
assembly documents that we define the navigation path for each association."
But how about:  "The models at this conceptual stage have associations without directional arrows. The associations are given direction in the next stage when documents are assembled."
Appendix B.3, paragraph 2   "Document asssembly.."
Perhaps this second paragraph in Appendix B.3 could be worded more clearly, e.g. a replacement for the word "traversing" in "All the other Aggregate BIEs (object classes) for the document type are derived by traversing the associations from this Aggregate BIE to..." or perhaps replacing "derived" with "identified".
B.3.3  Reusable BIEs spreadsheet:   Description needed here? (though none is given for each of the document spreadsheets, so perhaps not)
e.g. something like
"This model provides the Aggregate Business Information Entities (ABIEs) that are used throughout UBL, serving, in effect, as an “ABIE type database” for constructing the main documents. This model may be modified in customization." ( - derived from the CAC Schema description).
B.3.3  Specialised Datatypes Spreadsheet:   Perhaps add "...This model may be modified in customization." or the like at the end of the description.
D.2    first paragraph  "be specified, as must the “fittings&#x201D (handles, stays etc.)"
D.2    penultimate paragraph    "In order to encourage speedy payment of the amount due, the Seller offers a discount for prompt settlement, which the buyer can deduct if paying within 30 days. (Note that VAT regulations assume it will be taken, so the tax is calculated on the trade discounted total of line items plus any charges and less the settlement discount amount.)"
 - Not sure if this is currently accurate. Also, UK VAT now frowns, I think, on "mixed implementations", i.e. on "... a paper copy is signed and returned as proof of receipt. Hence the UBL Receipt Advice is not used."  I'm just a little worried about how accurately all this represents current UK VAT regulations (recently revised with the recent provision of EU VAT directives). Need a bit of time to look at this. Can we water it down a bit?


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