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Subject: Re: [ubl] Schema edit test


| Perhaps use the words 'annotated' and 'nonannotated' (or something
| similar) rather than 'stripped', since 'stripped' gives no
| indication of what has been stripped?  Even if it's documented
| somewhere, lots of folks either won't read or notice the
| documentation before wanting to look at the schemas.

I'm trying as hard as possible to keep URNs on one line and have
therefore adopted a convention that limits the directory names to
eight chars max.  The names "annotated" and "nonannotated" (1) are
too long and (2) don't convey the fact that the former are the
real thing (the normative versions) and the latter are just there
for convenience.  Only the versions with the embedded
documentation can truly be considered normative.  I think that
"complete" conveys both aspects nicely within the length limit.


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