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Subject: Re: [ubl] Schema edit test


| We do need to remove namespaces for the UDT and SDT schemas.
| These were included in the previous instances but would now be
| misspelt. They are not essential to the instances and could
| therefore be removed, along with the reference to the ccts (CCP
| Schema Module) namespace. This doesn't affect validation but would
| make the instances inaccurate and potentially confusing.

OK, as long as we're clear that this has nothing to do with the
location of the xsd directory, which stays where it was in all
previous builds except the last one.  Are the changes you refer to
above covered in the last set of instances you posted? 

| My second change in pointing the instances schema locations at the
| minimal schemas was more by way of example in that minimal schemas
| might be better used for validating instances than the fully
| annotated ones.  I've no strong feeling about this though.

The "real" schemas are the ones with the documentation.  It should
be possible to delete the stripped versions from the package with
no effect on example instance validation.  So nothing should point
to these except a mention in the index.html file.

Given the above, I'm seeing no reason to change the schemas that
were included with the 16 April build (though I will put them back
where they were previously).  Please tell me if I'm mistaken.


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