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Subject: Re: [ubl] Schema edit test


> OK, as long as we're clear that this has nothing to do with the
> location of the xsd directory, which stays where it was in all
> previous builds except the last one.  Are the changes you refer to
> above covered in the last set of instances you posted? 


> The "real" schemas are the ones with the documentation.  It should
> be possible to delete the stripped versions from the package with
> no effect on example instance validation.  So nothing should point
> to these except a mention in the index.html file.

Yes, OK. I've attached a set of instances with just the removal of the 
'...ized' (and CCP) schema references and this time with the instances
pointing back to the /xsd folder schemas. This should sort it. The
older xml instances just need o be replaced with these instances.

> Given the above, I'm seeing no reason to change the schemas that
> were included with the 16 April build (though I will put them back
> where they were previously).  Please tell me if I'm mistaken.

Absolutely. No, no need to change schemas or folders. The /xsd
folder is fine as before.




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