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Subject: Re: [ubl] NDR checklist


| CTN3: typo: it should read "...a ccts:UnspecializedDatatype.." but
| the 'a' and 'cct' run together and 'cct' should be 'ccts'


| CTN4: typo: has a 'cct:' which should be 'ccts:' (I point these
| out because they could confuse since cct: is an actual UBL Schema
| prefix)


Also changed all instances of "ecialis" to "ecializ".

| ELD1: still has 'ControlSchema' which should be 'DocumentSchema'
| (many will not know what a 'control schema' is since it doesn't
| get used as a term elsewhere in UBL whereas 'document schema' does
| e.g. here in GXS10)


| ELNx: still has an editorial comment '(?)' I think and should it
| be 'ELNx'?

Took out the "(?)".

| SSM16 still refers to CLUDT and this is still mandated in SSM17
| and SSM19 but is this an open issue still for after 1.0? If so
| perhaps a note should be added to that effect (as has been done
| with ATD6)

In the absence of more detailed guidance, I have simply inserted
the following in both places: "NOTE: This rule is still under


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