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Subject: Re: [ubl] Re: Customisation Document

I don't know if this is useful or not.

We did a project for the Canadian government and realized there was a 
requirement for a machine process able serialization.  We decided to use 
XML and wrote it in a way that would not break forwards compatibility if 
more context categories were added.

We added a UUID as a "key" to the set of contexts.  This format also 
accounts for logical "ands" and "ors" which turned out to be a 
requirement as a comprehensive set are built.  IT also ties into the XML 
serialization of the Core Components and BIE's we made.

After a lot of work and thinking, this is what we decided on.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ContextAssertion homeRegistry="http://ebxml.my-house.ca:8080";
                  value="urn:uuid:4a593056-3509-0766-2e7b-4e154030423f" >
  <!--Category = ( Geopolitical |
                  OfficialConstraint |
                  Process |
                  ProcessRole |
                  SupportingRole |
                  ProductClassification |
                  IndustryClasification |
  <Declaration category="Geopolitical" qualifier="ISO-3166-2" 
agencyURL="http://www.iso.org"; value="CA-ON" />
  <Declaration category="IndustryClassification" qualifier="NAICS-2002"
               commonName="Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities" />
  <Declaration category="SystemCapability" 
qualifier="ServiceOutputSyntax" value="xml_schema_xsd" />


Work to do is to develop comprehensive enumeration's and qualifiers for 
each category.  We are not happy with using ISO 3166-2 for geo-political 
since geography and political characteristics can be decoupled from each 
other.  In Canada, it happens that the Provice of Quebec is where MOST 
of the french seeking people dwell, yet there are english speaking 
enclaves within.  How can one qualifier account for this?  Do we need to 
use two qualifiers in some cases for the same category.

A full report is available that fully describes these problems in more 


Stephen Green wrote:

>Eduardo wrote:
>>"For each of the context drivers (Geopolitical, IndustryClassification,
>>the following characteristics should also be specified with reference to
>its value"
>>Would that make things clearer?
>Yes thanks. That does make it clearer. I hope there might just be time to
>change it but otherwise we could inform folk as time goes on, e.g. with
>BTW, many thanks for such a very clear set of guidelines (and of course to
>all involved).
>I found it easy to go through it with potential early adopters of UBL
>and it is very helpful indeed. Thanks.
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Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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