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Subject: Press coverage for UBL 1.0

Hello UBL TC,

In hopeful expectation that the OASIS organizational membership
will approve UBL 1.0 as an OASIS Standard at the end of October,
we need to start thinking about press coverage.

When the Call for Vote goes out (which I believe happens on 15
October), Carol Geyer will send an announcement to the OASIS PR
Group and the OASIS UBL TC, notifying members that a press release
is being prepared in anticipation of UBL being approved as an
OASIS Standard.  The release will list all the OASIS Sponsor
members who are current members of the OASIS UBL TC, as well as
non-profit orgs that have endorsed the work.  These companies and
orgs will have a chance to prepare and send her quotes, should
they so desire. Sponsor members of OASIS who are not members of
the OASIS UBL TC may also send UBL endorsement quotes, but they
will not be named as TC members. The goal is to be ready to drop
the press release as soon as the positive results of the vote are

Any members of the OASIS UBL TC that would like to issue their own
press releases and/or speak to the press in support of UBL will be
welcome to do so, as long as they do not do this in advance of the
OASIS release.

Given that most organizations sizable enough to be Sponsor Members
of OASIS can move very slowly when asked to approve language to be
included in a press release, it would be a good idea to start now
on the process of getting something written up, attributed to an
appropriate person in your company, and getting approval from your
PR department if you work for an OASIS Sponsor organization or
nonprofit organization that is willing to endorse UBL.  Note again
that a Sponsor organization does not have to be represented on the
TC in order to give us an endorsement.


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