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Subject: Press coverage for UBL 1.0

Hello UBL TC,

Balloting to approve UBL 1.0 is going well, but since we have
received a couple of "no" votes, we will (per the OASIS process)
need to take an extra week after the close of voting 31 October to
request OASIS to approve UBL anyway.  This means that we will be
announcing UBL 1.0 as an OASIS Standard on Monday 8 November
instead of next week as we had hoped.

While it would have been nice to get unanimous approval, I'm
actually not unhappy with this development, because it gives us an
extra few days to get quotes in for the press release and it moves
the announcement out from under U.S. election news coverage.

I therefore have two requests for our members and observers:

1. If your organization is planning its own press release, please
   DO NOT send that release out till after the OASIS release is
   published on 8 November.

2. If your organization can provide a quote in support of UBL,
   please DO provide that quote to Carol Geyer of OASIS
   (carol.geyer@oasis-open.org) no later than Thursday 4 November.

In order to hold to this schedule, we will need to move quickly
once voting closes on 31 October.  So please be prepared to vote
to request OASIS to approve UBL 1.0 when I put that question to
you on 1 November; the sooner we can pass the motion, the sooner
we can make the request to OASIS.


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