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Subject: Re: [ubl] Agenda for Pacific UBL TC call 7 October 2004

Dear TC members,

I'd like to submit my liason report as follows:


The 12th ebXML Asia Committee will be held in Seoul from Oct 25 - Oct 
29. The preliminary schedule will be as follows:

October 25-26: KorBIT event for Interoperability Test Task Group
October 25-26: Registry  Repository Federation Task Group meeting
October 26-27: Interim Meeting for MMF Ontology
October 27:  Core Component Task Group Meeting
October 27:  Interoperability Task Group Meeting
October  28-29: ebXML Asia Committee Plenary

The registration form and other details are attached.
OASIS eGov TC is setting up an Asia Pacific Subcommittee as proposed in 
the Hong Kong meeting. John Lalor from Australian Government Information 
Management Office will lead the set-up of this TC. There will be a 
face-to-face meeting in Singapore on Oct 29 as follows:

Date: Friday 29 October 2004

Location: Singapore (exact venue to be determined)

Agenda:  The agenda is still under development however in broad terms I 
expect we will:

- Scope the workplan for the Subcommittee

- Identify project priorities

- Identify and Develop links to the wider E-Gov TC

Since there is a clash between two meetings, as for CECID, I will 
participate in the eGov TC meeting and my colleagues will join the eAC 
meeting on behalf of me.

12th eAC.zip

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