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Subject: A few minor oddities in UBL 1.0 cd which do affect instances


I hardly dare mention these at this stage but there are three small things I'd like to point out in the cd normative Schemas, the first two of which affect instances and the third of which could affect instances for non-EF generated Schemas.

1. this is very minor but there is a trailing space in the value for the codeListURI fixed attribute of the Country codelist (it will affect validity of instances if people do not know about it) - perhaps a release notes matter

2. not so minor - the Numeric Type does not have the format attribute in the Schemas (both in cct and in udt) but it does appear in the spreadsheets

3. There is a further detail which is not in the Schemas but affects the consistency of generation of Schemas from spreadsheets: we have, in the sdt spreadsheet, the filename of the codelist text file both in the 'content' row (where it arguably belongs) and in the 'name' row which means we are asking for it to be the fixed value of the code type's 'name' attribute. This is not incorporated as such into the Schemas and I suspect that we may not have intended it to be but this creates an inconsistency in how the spreadsheets should be interpreted.

All the best

Stephen Green
(PS please note new e-mail address)

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