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Subject: ESLSC Status Report

Hello all,


Here is the status report for ESLSC activities:


1.- Organization


- Fabio Arciniegas joined the SC as co-chair to help us in the translation work and in the South American promotion


2.-  Translation


- Last month we finished the index and ss translations for the new CD2.

- They are under revision.

- We intend to have the fs documentation translated by November.


3.- Promotion


- Presentation of UBL in an Spanish autonomous community.

- Different workshops presenting UBL to many local enterprise resource planning development companies.


4.- Other issues


We are receiving input from some large organizations relating to:


a)       The requirement of information not present in UBL docs (like Payee, Payer, Delivery Party...)

b)       The code lists issue, which we are actually addressing using the UN/EDIFACT code lists. We have for instance the InvoiceTypeCode (recommending the use of the document name code Data Element 1001), the AllowanceCharge/cat:ID  (recommending UN/ECE 4465 D.04A), the TaxTypeCode (recommending UN/ECE 5153 D.04A, but also measures, dimensions,and so on.


Probably we will have to change those recommendations for 1.1 or other future UBL releases based on the works done in the Code Lists Team, but right now, we think it is the best option.




Oriol Bausą







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