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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 30 September 2004

Many thanks to Anne for stepping in to take this week's minutes
after I temporarily lost the use of my hand!  One small correction:


      The UK Office of Government Commerce (?) posted a message to IDO,
      OGC, ISSS, saying 'good input but don't have resources' and shouldn't
      be brokering requirments of all EU stakeholders.  Told them 1.1
      timeframe and invited them to give us input that we can align
      within that timefream - would have to be in COO format (doc types,
      how created from library, etc).  This will be on their agenda for
      next week.  So the invitation is out there, and have been clear on
      timeframes - said if we could get them by April/May we would 
      include them.

That was me that sent the message to IDA, OGC, and CEN/ISSS urging
a unified European input to UBL 1.1.  I hope they accept the


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