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Subject: Room change for Santa Clara meeting

Hello UBL TC,

I finally had occasion yesterday to inspect the room that was
reserved for our UBL TC plenaries 1-5 November (the Meeting Room
above the Auditorium).  It didn't take more than a glance to see
that this room is way too big for us.  So I've arranged instead to
move the plenaries to the Ballroom of the Mansion.  This should be
just right for us, and it has the big advantage of moving all of
our meetings into the same building -- the same floor, in fact.
So we will be using the Ballroom, Billiard[s] Room, and
Conservatory, effectively taking over the entire second floor of
the Mansion for the week.

(I should point out for people who haven't visited the Santa Clara
campus that these names are not an affectation.  The building in
question dates from the 1920s as was for decades the Director's
Mansion of the Agnews Developmental Center.  It was completely
restored when Sun acquired the property from the State of
California and is really quite lovely.)

This visit also allowed me to check on the directions from the
East Bay given in my message of 1 October at


Revised directions for arrivals from the East Bay are as follows:

   From Oakland Airport, OAK (45-60 minutes):

      From the Airport terminal follow the signs to I-880 [Nimitz
      Fwy] South approx 27 miles.  Exit at Montague Expressway
      [West] and continue approximately 2.4 miles. Turn right on
      Agnews (De La Cruz is to the left); a new Safeway and
      gentrified strip mall is on the corner. Stay on Agnews (do
      not enter the campus) and follow it around to the other side
      of the Sun campus.  Turn left at the signal onto Lafayette
      and then shortly left again at the next signal (Palm Drive).
      Follow the signs to the Auditorium and Mansion.

Please refer to the earlier message for maps and directions from
SFO and SJC.

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