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Subject: Forming the Code List Team

Hello UBL TC,

We've been meaning for some time to form a team to finish up the
UBL Code List specification for UBL 1.1 so that we can resolve the
last remaining major issue (code list extension) and nail down our
code list format for UBL 1.1, which is a gating item for the
production of UBL 1.1 schemas.

I'm pleased to report that Marty Burns of NIST has agreed to lead
such a team in addition to his continuing role as editor of the
code list specification.  If the TC agrees to this, Marty will be
assisted by Tony Coates and any other members of the UBL TC who
wish to participate.

Initial items of work for the team would include the following:

1) Address with the NDR team extensibility issues / models for
   code lists in XML Schema.

2) Advance Tony's notion of an XML source representation of UBL
   data model structures, focusing on how that would work for code
   lists and ebXML repositories.

3) Combine these efforts to produce a UBL 1.1 version of the Code
   List specification that third parties can use to maintain their

If you have no objection to adoption of this proposal, do
nothing.  If you do object to adoption of this proposal and are a
voting member of the TC, please register that objection on this
mail list no later than COB Tuesday 26 October 2004.

Jon Bosak

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