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Subject: Off Topic Question looking for Code List of IT standards basedinterfaces

Pardon me for this off topic question, but I am confident that if an answer
is available, I can find it here.

One of my government colleagues is proposing the creation of a code list
that would allow us to identify interface standards that are used in
applications.  For example, if an application supports an LDAP V2
interface, they would place the code for LDAP V2 in the appropriate

It strikes me that there may already be a code list in existence for
recognized interfaces and I would be opposed to creating a redundant one.
So the question is:  Are any of you aware of an authoritative list and/or
code of standards based interfaces?

If you are familiar with the US Gov Federal Enterprise Architecture
reference models, this code would be used to express attributes of the TRM
(Technical Reference Model).

Thank you for considering the question.

Marion A. Royal
202.208.4643 (Office)
202.302.4634 (Mobile)

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