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Subject: Minutes Atlantic UBL Call

Dear all
below are the minutes of today's Atlantic Call.


1. Welcome and roll-call by Mavis the Moderator.

Mavis Cournane
Tony Coates
Marty Burns
Jessica Glace
Sylvia Webb
Anne Hendry
David Kunkel
Michael Dill
Paul Thorpe


    Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)
    Liaison reports (if any)World custThere is a commitment to have a 
proper data model andto be core component aligned.
Subcommittee reports (if any)
MB: @ things. Trying to gain common basis for incorporating To new 
work, second, try to capture the unqie requirements that drive his 
approach and merge them in to existing requirements. TC has provided a 
revised paper outlining these requirements, and other requirements he 
thinks are valuable. Marty next step is to match those up to those we 
already have, there is probably a substantial overlap.
Get the requirements in to a form where people recognize their thoughts 
Some of the requirements are pitched at a level above UBL that would 
work across format. Different standards could yse them as a way of 
sharing the same code lists.

The principle separating the data model from the schema representing 
the data model.
The idea is to find what new additional requirements and refinements 
can be made to the data model,

AH: Does that differ from how we do UBL now.
TC: A bit. Now there is no generic format in which the code lists are 
AH: We hope to derive those. we don't have a specific format for the 
data model right now.
MB: It is very similar.
In the last version of the code list doc as part of UBL 1.0 there were 
a number of things on which we did not reach consensus, ie. how to map 
the data model. We are looking for people to send us specific concerns 
and issues. I want to go through this exercise. Issues to date are not 
very specific.
He will be working with Mark Crawford to understand the specific NDR 

3. SSC issues
UBL-CoreComponentTypes Issues

What would happen if we reused ATGs CCT schema and the UDT schema.

Decision: We need a team to investigate this and this will help us make 
a decision on this.

UBL-UnspecializedDatatypes Issues

Item 4:
We will defer deliberations on item 4 until we make a decision about 
the future of UBLs UDT and CCT schema modules.

Item 5:
This issue has been resolved by EF by porting what Tim has done in the 
Mark's comment is not clear. We need further clarification.

Item 4:
We don't really feel that given the small user community that changing 
this for 1.0.1 would be much of an issue.
EDIFIX are implementing the truncation of spaces for attribute values.
1.0.1 should not be a spreadsheet alignment issue. It is really a 
clarification of 1.0. They should not be tied to the use of EDIFIX by 
the TC to generate 1.1 artifacts.

Item 5:
We do not feel these should be attributes in the schema.
In terms of the credit, this is an item Jon can help us with.

4. Meeting

         01/31 - 02/04 - Sylvia Webb is out but did not see that as 

	 02/07-02/11 MarkC, Sylvia Webb out
	 02/14-02/18 MavisC out
	 02/21-02/25 MavisC out
	 02/28-03/04 W3C plenary
	 03/07-03/11 TC154; TBG17, London
	 03/14-03/18 UN/CEFACT, Kuala Lumpur
	 03/21-03/25 JB out
	 [easter is 27 March]
	 03/28-04/01 AH out

Our recommendation for the moment would be 31 Jan - Feb 4th if the main 
focus is not EDIFIX design related

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