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Subject: Registration for UBL TC meeting at LMI

Hello UBL TC,

The face-to-face TC meeting the week of 31 January in McLean is
fast approaching, so it's time to get you all registered.  Our
host, LMI, does a lot of classified work and therefore needs the
following information to clear you for entrance:

   1)  Full Name - First, Middle, Last
   2) Organization and full mailing address
   3) Commercial Telephone Number
   3) Citizenship

Everyone planning to attend should send this information ASAP to
the UBL vice chair, Mark Crawford (mcrawford@lmi.org) with a
copy to me (jon.bosak@sun.com).

Information about area hotels and directions to LMI were provided
in a message I sent to this list 20 December 2004, which you can
find at



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