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Subject: XMLSpy support for UBL

Hello UBL TC,

Altova has kindly refreshed our XMLSpy license to work with the
latest version of the software.  Please contact me if you are one
of the TC members who work directly with the schemas; you know who
you are!

Altova is also interested in supporting UBL directly in their
products.  Trace Galloway of Altova has written me as follows:

   I have spoken with my Execs and what we would like to do is the

    - Provide our users with the ability to create a standard UBL
      document.  To facilitate this in the product, I was
      wondering if perhaps you could provide me with a blank
      "template" or empty UBL file that we can use.  When users
      select "New Document" from our file menu, this is the
      template that will appear when they select the UBL file
      type.  In addition, what file extension should we use for
      UBL files?  Should we use ".ubl"?

    - We would also like to provide additional support for UBL by
      including the UBL schemas in our "MainCatalog.xml" catalog
      that ships with XMLSPY.  XMLSPY fully support the OASIS XML
      catalogs standard and our "main" catalog that ships with the
      product includes many entries for standards like UBL.  We
      have found that by taking advantage of the catalog we can
      reduce the overall size of our product downloads (all of our
      products are available via electronic software delivery
      exclusively) by not directly including all of the necessary
      schemas with our installers.

   What I need from you on this point is the following:

    - All relevant UBL namespaces

    - All URI pointers that point to the where the schemas can be
      resolved on the UBL site

    - Any other information you would like us to include in the
      "UBL" section of our "MainCatalog.xml" OASIS catalog file

   Provided that we receive this information in time, UBL support
   should be included in an upcoming Q1 maintenance release of

I'd like to discuss this in our TC meetings next week and perhaps
appoint an ad hoc team to prepare the materials Trace is
requesting.  If you're interested in helping out with this, please
dial in to the first hour of next week's Pacific TC call or drop
me a line in email.


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