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Subject: Bug Report: runtime (xsdrt) version of UnspecializedDataTypesSchema


While working on the SBS examples I came across a critical
but easily amended error. The online cd xsdrt Schemes have the 
SpecializedDatatypes Schema content inside the 
UnspecializedDatatypes Schema file. It's only in the xsdrt
set of Schemas, the online xsd set are OK.
The file presently at fault is 

The zipped package UBL-UnspecializedDatatypes-1.0.xsd file is OK
so I suggest it just needs to be copied over the top of the online version.

If we are to provide templates to Altova for XML Spy
then we might consider using the xsdrt addresses in the
templates so I hope we can fix this pretty soon.

The xsd set of Schemas is OK. 

All the best


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