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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 18|19 April 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 19 APRIL 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Betty Harvey
   Tim McGrath
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)


   Liaison reports


   Subcommittee report: HISC

      MicahD: The SC worked out a system last week whereby all the
      configuration for the script that generates the kernel of
      the input specs is in a separate file that can be edited by
      someone who doesn't know python; this should be good for

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      StephenG: Received edits from JonB. It will take a while to
      incorporate the input.

   Team report: European input to 1.1

      StephenG: Attended the meeting in Paris Friday.  Learned
      that Sweden has a major implementation of UBL Invoice in the
      works, similar in scope to the Danish effort but apparently
      independent of that.  Sweden has been working mainly with
      small businesses and is interested in joining the SBSC.  The
      Swedish approach to small businesses uses a combination of
      an implementation guide and a subset.  They are also
      deploying an online validator that uses ebMS over HTTP to
      allow a message to be sent, received, validated, and then
      responded to in a way that depends on the result of the
      validation; this allows users to try out an ebMS
      implementation of the Invoice online.  A lot of significant
      parties are involved in this effort.  They will send Stephen
      a paper on this that we can refer to.

      The Paris meeting itself was occupied mainly with OGC input,
      much of which failed to gain agreement from the other
      participants.  We will probably need to make decisions on
      the unresolved points based on the final report.  The last
      F2F meeting will be held 4/27, with a wrapup phone
      conference 4/29 and input due 5/2 or 5/3.

   Team report: Versioning

      StephenG: The team has made considerable progress.  A brief
      meeting was held today, StephenG and ArofanG attending.  It
      appears based on a conversation with Jostein in Paris that
      the two-schema approach will work and might even be
      accomplished using an XSLT transform to turn the UBL schema
      into the ATG schema, raising the possibility that we need
      only publish one schema together with the transform.  DavidK
      agrees with the emerging solution.  Implementing it would
      require one major change: making everything in UBL global.
      This would not affect the semantics or even the XPaths, but
      it would require us to defer implementation of
      "polymorphism" for 2.0 or make 1.1 into 2.0.  ArofanG thinks
      we should do this sooner rather than later, as the break
      with backward compatibility is purely technical and doesn't
      affect the semantics.

      ACTION: ArofanG to summarize the considerations discussed by
      the team and its conclusion regarding polymorphic schemas in
      time for the Atlantic TC call.

      ACTION: StephenG to distribute prototypes in time for the
      Atlantic TC call.

      ACTION: ArofanG to distribute a set of example fragments in
      time for the Atlantic TC call.


   The content team under the direction of TimM reviewed feedback
   to the Tax XML TC:


   It was noted that the additional document types requested by
   the Tax XML TC are already targeted for inclusion in 1.1.

   SylviaW: We need to distinguish between wishes and regulations
   so that we can be sure to implement everything required by

   ACTION: SylviaW to convey our comments to the Tax XML TC at its
   meeting this Wednesday and check to see whether final input
   will be delivered as previously scheduled.


   TimM will chair in the absence of JonB, who will be attending
   the OASIS meeting in New Orleans.  The agenda for the content
   work session will depend on new issues received during the

Jon Bosak

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