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Subject: North European coordination meeting on may 19th

Dear all,

We have arranged a coordination meeting in Copenhagen on May 19th. The
purpose is to coordinate UBL adoption. The agenda is available at

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the status and future plans in the
Nordic countries with regard to the political possibilities for
standardization as well as the technical specifications in relation to
eInvoice, eOrder, eCatalogues, and technical infrastructure. Hopefully, the
workshop will lead to a discussion about the possibilities of a harmonized
and coordinated North European strategy for standardization, based on the
UBL to supplement the work done in IDA eProcurement and other fora.

Anyone working with the political strategies of eBusiness/eProcurement
standardization and anyone working with UBL standardization (eProcurement) -
be that publicly or privately - is invited to participate in the workshop.
The main focus is to invite people who represent either national or other
dominating views (industry) on the development of eProcurement strategies,
based on primarily UBL standards.

Regards Mikkel

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