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Subject: Re: [ubl] Forming agenda for UBL TC meeting in Ottawa

i suspect we should change "Approval of "phase 1" procurement models for 
schema generation" to be "Completion and Approval".

we will need to spend some time in the plenary finalizing these models. 
 maybe  a break out on tuesday and wednesday.

jon.bosak@sun.com wrote:

>Hello UBL TC,
>Here are the beginnings of our agenda for the TC meeting in Ottawa
>8-12 August 2005.  Please add this to your agenda for today's
>Atlantic TC call.
>   Members attending in person
>      Jon Bosak
>      Peter Borresen
>      Mavis Cournane
>      Mike Grimley
>      Ken Holman
>      Sun-Hyuk Kim
>      Zarella Rendon
>      Paul Thorpe
>      Sylvia Webb
>   Members attending by phone
>      Mark Crawford (from U.S.)
>      Stephen Green and Tim McGrath (from Europe)
>      If anyone else can commit to attending by phone, please let
>      me know.
>   Final substitution group decision
>   Final code list structure
>   Final data type schemas
>   Approval of "phase 1" procurement models for schema generation
>   OASIS TC IPR transition
>   UN/UBL 
>   HISC development (Ken, Zarella, ...)
>   NDR finalization and NDR document revision (Mavis, Mike, Mark, ...)
>   Final schema changes for GEFEG (Sylvia, Stephen, ...)
>   Web site and site FAQ revision (Jon)
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tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

DOCUMENT ENGINEERING: Analyzing and Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services

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