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Subject: Minutes from Europe/Asia TC Meeting Wednesday 13th July at 0800 UTC.

Tim McGrath
Bryan Rasmussen
Thomas Lee
Mavis Cournane
Dave Chambers (Tax XML)

Additions to the calendar
TL: Possible e-procurement seminar in Hong Kong in October
TM: Intends to attend TBG17 (August 1-5).

Liaison reports

Subcommittee reports
TL: Will follow up on activity with CNLSC.

Team reports
TM: European group have submitted process model.  May be reconstituted 
as a subcommittee of UBL.
TL: Transportation group have reviewed Crimson Logic and DTTN models. 
 Did not meet last week.  Will meet on Friday and discuss regular 
meeting schedule to coincide with European timezones.

* Extended Procurement Process
- sign off proposal
No objections received.

* Tax XML
TM: outlined the areas of issues related to Tax to take advantage of 
Dave's presence.  These are grouped into:
a. "document vs line item" information,
b. roles of parties and
c. tax structures.
DC: Tax XML focus on indirect tax at present, may look at excise and 
tariffs later.
TM: It appears we have agreement on (a) and (b).  With regard to (c) UBL 
will develop a draft model of how both 'flat amount' and 'percentage 
rate' taxes cna be defined.  This is to be completed by July 27th and 
reviewed by Tax XML the following week (August 3rd).
Action Item:  TM - to update issues list entries and pass to Stephen Green.

* Structure of 2.0 Models
Action Item: TM - to create template for UBL 2.0 spreadhseet models 
based on additional metadat requirements and structures as agreed at the 
Pacific call.

* Building document models
TM: the first stage is to create assembly models (in UML form) of what 
each document will look like.  Then we will populate the spreadsheets 
from these models.  This needs to be completed in the next 4 weeks 
(prior to Ottawa plenary).  Once we have established a prototype (using 
Invoice and Credit Note) then the individual document models will be 
allocated as follows:
Sourcing documents - Danish Group (Peter Borresen and Bryan Rasmussen in 
his absence)
Ordering documents - Tim McGrath
Fulfilment documents - Thomas Lee
Billing documents - Stephen Green
Payment documents - Sylvia Webb
Action Item: TM - to pass the draft Credit Note and Invoice models to 
Stephen Green
Action Item: SG - to review models and ensure all relevant chnages from 
the Issues list have been applied, then distribute to the list.
Action Item: All - review prototype models and sign off on next week's 

MC: focus now moving to code lists.  Also some discussion on issues 
rasied by BR regarding xsd:any.

3. Other items
TL: following disscussion on last week's call, Peter Borresen has 
created a draft representation for how we could model digital signatures.  
Action Item: Thomas will review this with the aim of producing a white 
paper for the group.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

DOCUMENT ENGINEERING: Analyzing and Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services

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