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Subject: Initial 2.0 draft model spreadsheets - Invoice, Credit Note (Procurement)

Greetings UBL
Please find attached an initial stab at some
model spreadsheets for Invoice and Credit
Note. I've had to try out one possibility for
the new format/package structure but this
is of course subject to likely TC update (as I
don't know what details if any have been
Initially I just kept to the UML designs but
then I started adding issues list changes
(and soon stopped as I wasn't sure enough
about the meaning of some of the resolutions
and I didn't have Internet access at the time
- sorry). There are still quite a few BIEs to
add/change in the Procurement spreadsheet
for ABIEs used relating to Invoice and Credit
I hope this gets the ball rolling though for the
procurement model spreadsheets sufficiently.
I created initial spreadsheets for the docs
found in UBL 1.0 with SBS details and added
similar details to the reusable (now called
Procurement). Anything that needs to go in
'Common' I haven't attempted but I've added
an empty template spreadsheet for Common
in the meantime.
A note to others creating spreadsheets:
be careful to update the following -
1. DEN name - this is now a manual task
2. cardinality
3. Version  - this shows (other editors)
something has been added/updated)
 - I note that adding a row to an ABIE
is a change to the ABIE which changes
the ABIE detail row's (pink) Version cell
4. change log
- These were just the things I found I easily
I'd also note that we might want to make
definition updates a second phase task?
- since it isn't always possible for the
editor to provide a good definition at this stage.
Another Note: we may find we need some
sort of version control or post-editing
harmonisation of the common spreadsheets
('Procurement' and maybe 'Common')
The attached issues list has extra columns
so it can act as a change log. Maybe this
could become a new format for the issues
All the best


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