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Subject: Re: [ubl] Initial 2.0 draft model spreadsheets - Invoice, Credit Note (Procurement)

It seems I misunderstood the methodology we are using
here. The intention was that we document the updates in
UML rather than record them first with the spreadsheets.

I've therefore let things slip a bit but here are the changes
I'd propose we incorporate into the UML models for the
Invoice and Credit Note (the spreadsheet changes should
have followed this):

Ref                 Proposed UML Change (2005-07-17 sdg)
7                       Add BaseAmount to AllowanceCharge
20                     Add DeliveryContact to Delivery (0..1)
53                     Add GUID to InvoiceLine
18                     Add Name to Item
4                       Add DeliveryTerms to InvoiceLine
47                     Add ContractDocumentReference to Invoice/CreditNote



11                     InstructionID   in Payment
                Should name be PaymentInstructionID or InstructionID ?

3                       InvoicedPeriod  in Invoice and CreditNote
                Should it be InvoicingPeriod or InvoicedPeriod ?

85                     TaxPointDate in InvoiceLine
                Should it be after the ASBIEs for better backwards

18                     Name in Item
                Should this BBIE be added after ASBIEs ?

There are of course other changes to add to these which
I've not been able to adequately define as yet (Pacific TC meeting?)

All the best


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Stephen Green
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 8:56 AM
Subject: [ubl] Initial 2.0 draft model spreadsheets - Invoice, Credit Note

Greetings UBL

Please find attached an initial stab at some
model spreadsheets for Invoice and Credit
Note. I've had to try out one possibility for
the new format/package structure but this
is of course subject to likely TC update (as I
don't know what details if any have been

Initially I just kept to the UML designs but
then I started adding issues list changes
(and soon stopped as I wasn't sure enough
about the meaning of some of the resolutions
and I didn't have Internet access at the time
- sorry). There are still quite a few BIEs to
add/change in the Procurement spreadsheet
for ABIEs used relating to Invoice and Credit

I hope this gets the ball rolling though for the
procurement model spreadsheets sufficiently.

I created initial spreadsheets for the docs
found in UBL 1.0 with SBS details and added
similar details to the reusable (now called
Procurement). Anything that needs to go in
'Common' I haven't attempted but I've added
an empty template spreadsheet for Common
in the meantime.

A note to others creating spreadsheets:
be careful to update the following -

1. DEN name - this is now a manual task

2. cardinality

3. Version  - this shows (other editors)
something has been added/updated)
 - I note that adding a row to an ABIE
is a change to the ABIE which changes
the ABIE detail row's (pink) Version cell

4. change log

- These were just the things I found I easily

I'd also note that we might want to make
definition updates a second phase task?
- since it isn't always possible for the
editor to provide a good definition at this stage.

Another Note: we may find we need some
sort of version control or post-editing
harmonisation of the common spreadsheets
('Procurement' and maybe 'Common')

The attached issues list has extra columns
so it can act as a change log. Maybe this
could become a new format for the issues

All the best


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