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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 18|19 July 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 19 JULY 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Betty Harvey
   Tim McGrath
   Zarella Rendon

   TM: Won't be able to make this call next week.

   JB: We will go ahead anyway with the standing items and
   whatever content work we can get done.  We will use email and
   ad hoc calls as necessary to progress the content work.


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)


   Liaison report: TBG17

      TM: Nothing to report yet.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      SG: Am producing update to previous comments.

      JB: Why "phase 1" in the SBSC row of the revised schedule?

      SG: Because using phase 0 as a template for phase 1, not
      content.  We can't really target phase 0 for the SBSC

      JB: Regarding my action item (see Atlantic minutes) to
      decide between "committee draft" and "committee
      specification."  [Reads the language in the latest OASIS TC
      process.]  So it appears that we need to hold an absolute
      majority ballot to approve SBS as a CD and then put it into
      the new 60-day public review process.

      ACTION: SG to revise the current draft to include
      RegistrationName and CompanyID (needed for tax purposes) and
      send to the list with a request to begin the ballot for CD
      so that we can begin the 60-day public review mandated by
      the new TC process.  JB to begin the ballot once the new
      draft has been posted, using boilerplate that allows
      nonsubstantive editorial changes as needed to conform to the

   Subcommittee report: HISC

      ZR: Nothing this week.

   Subcommittee report: SSC

      SG: We have the schemas, already made some comments.  How
      will we handle schema generation?

      AGREED that BH will include the generation of schemas in her
      work with EDIFIX.

      BH: Will probably be at the meeting in Ottawa.

   Team report: Transportation

      TM: Had first meeting last week, next in a few hours; hoping
      for participation from UN eDocs, moving into a more official
      status.  Discussed ultimately making this team a

   Team report: Procurement

      TM: Didn't meet this week, but am having a f2f with OGC
      Friday.  This team might also become an SC.

   Review of Eurasia and Atlantic TC minutes

      SG: Anything decided about issues waiting for Tax XML input?

      TM: Yes, we ran through the list of issues relating to
      taxation; three areas: 1. Parties: already satisfied by the
      procurement solution; 2. Tax strucutres (flat rate vs
      percentage): UBL needs to prototype a solution and check
      back with Tax XML; 3. What info goes at line item level and
      what at document level: the reply was that we should try to
      move more things down into the line item level.

      SG: We also requested input on tax currency tax
      amount... item 104h... line 10 on the issues list.  We
      requested input from the Tax XML TC as to whether this was
      too specific to Sweden.

      TM: Not in the tax section of the issues, so we missed it.

      ACTION: TM to pose this question by email to Dave and John
      of the Tax XML TC.


   JB: Everyone needs to look at the revised UBL 2.0 schedule
   posted today.  Note in particular that the meeting formerly
   scheduled for December 2005 is now tentatively set for January
   2006.  We will discuss this in Ottawa.


   PENDING ACTION: Transportation team to decide whether the DTTN
   contribution is a PR opp for them.

      JB: Thomas Lee has relayed a suggestion from Peter Stokes
      that we wait till UBL 2.0 is ready toward the end of the
      year.  I think that's a good idea -- we can include this in
      the notice that begins the public review. (Agreed.)

   PENDING ACTION: JonB to schedule a discussion of CCTS
   compliance that will include MarkC and MichaelD.

      JB: I think that I need to review the correspondence before
      going any farther with this.

      TM: The timing is wrong for a request to the CCTS committee.
      We're not going to get an answer in time for 2.0.

      JB: So it's left ot us to decide.

   PENDING ACTION: SylviaW to convey the SBS Invoice to the Tax
   XML TC and solicit their feedback.

      Status: SW couldn't attend this week's meeting.


   TM/SG: The versioning of code lists in ATG2 CCTS schemas is
   done via namespaces; this information needs to be in the
   instances.  We noted the issue as raised by David Dobbings back
   in March, but it was put down as an NDR issue, when really it's
   a content issue.  The ATG2 solution is technically elegant but
   does not solve the problem in cases where (as in DK by law) the
   instance has to stand alone as a legal document.  Quantity also
   needs version.

   ACTION: TM to send email to the ubl list identifying the two
   problems (issue 23, code list version id, and 27, structures of
   quantity amount and measure) and prepare a position statement
   to serve as a basis for escalation to ATG2.

   PENDING ACTION: StephenG to distribute drafts of Invoice and
   Credit Note to the list for discussion.  We are to finalize
   these intial drafts in this call.

      Status: SG did send the drafts, but we're not finalizing
      today. Given TM's schedule, we will have to shift this work
      to email.

Jon Bosak

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