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Subject: Credit Note (initial draft)

Here is the diagram I've worked on for
credit note. It is a lot different from invoice:
as far as I can tell it is structurally more like
a remittance than an invoice since it refers
not to goods, deliveries, payments, etc
but to references to other documents (invoices
remittances and statements, say). This can
be either to document level or line level of
the referenced document.
The way I have designed this draft is to use
a code (could be text) to describe the
type of document referenced since this
could be seen as documentation. An alternative
would be to have separate ASBIEs for
invoice, statement, remittance, alternative at
line level (they already appear at document
level). The relevant issue is that the amount
information of the credited document needs
to be supplied as well as the references to
the credited document (with ability to either
provide this information for the document as
a whole or just for a line).
Payment, Delivery, etc seems irrelevant but
we might need distinct CreditNoteTerms.
I'd say we need some iterations of this.
I'd also suggest we wait and see what the
remittance model looks like and perhaps deal
with both together.
All the best


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