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Subject: Credit Note points

Just looking over the Credit Note:
1. I think I've missed GUID in Credit Note Line
2. It might be we need to add Credited Document
Reference to Credit Note Line (so that each line
can refer to a document without having to be
specific about the line).
3. The reason I have had to add the extra
ABIEs Credited Document and Credited
Document Line is to allow a Credit Note Line
to have a Line Extension Amount and Tax Totals
independant of the Credited Document
Line Extension Amount and Tax Totals.
- issues #10
I also note that a Credit Note might refer to
a document other than an Invoice (e.g. even
a paper document, say and not a UBL
4. In changing the above (3.) I removed ASBIEs
from the Credit Note and Credit Note Line which
didn't seem to belong. However some of these
might be needed (therefore need to be replaced).
In particular issue 31 asks for Delivery Party at
line level in a Credit Note (so other ASBIEs may
be just as appropraite too).
5. Several issues have yet to lead to amendments
in both Credit Note and Invoice (such as #44 -
Tax Calculation Number). The changes I've made
were the low hanging fruit, so to speak, to get
agreement on these first.
All the best

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