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Subject: Transition Statement

Dear All,
it seems to me that the word document as distributed early this week is not,
what was agreed in the Vienna discussion between Tim, Sue and me.
Please find enclosed the version as it should be. Apparently, the sentence
about the commitment to make UBL 2.0 to an ISO standard 15000-6 has not been
removed, which is a mistake, I hope.
1. ISO is an independent global standardization body and neither CEFACT nor
OASIS can command, what ISO has to do. This issue is linked, but separate.
2. If UBL wants to see UBL 2.0 approved as an ISO standard, then the very
first step for UBL is to talk with the U.S. Head of Delegation for ISO TC
154, and to make sure that the U.S. will support this. In other words, if
CEFACT would be requested to do something, that the minimum is, that the
U.S. stands behind and support.
3. ISO is rather approving methodologies than content, even if there are
exceptions. It would be worth to discuss, where and when it is appropriate
to standardize content, where all the maintenance work comes after and ISO
would be in charge to do so, whereas the content submitter can easily
4. IMO there are no payload specs in ebXML 15000.

As many of you know, I'm the Head of Delegation Germany for ISO TC 154. As
such, I cannot agree with Transition statement as distributed in behalf of
the above mentioned ad hoc team. Please understand, that I have to underline
that the content of the distributed Transition statement does not express
any official opinion of the German Delegation to ISO TC154.

Best regards,
Michael Dill
Head of Delegation Germany for ISO TC 154


Transition Statement_Draft_09AUG05_withmarkup.doc

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