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Subject: Re: [ubl] Transition Statement


| 1. ISO is an independent global standardization body and neither
|    CEFACT nor OASIS can command, what ISO has to do. This issue is
|    linked, but separate.

We are not asking CEFACT to command ISO to do anything; we are
asking CEFACT to support our longstanding goal of making UBL an
international standard.  If CEFACT does not think enough of UBL to
support ISO standardization and is not willing to aid UBL in
achieving one of its primary goals, then I have to wonder what UBL
has to gain from the closer association that CEFACT is requesting.

| 2. If UBL wants to see UBL 2.0 approved as an ISO standard, then
|    the very first step for UBL is to talk with the U.S. Head of
|    Delegation for ISO TC 154, and to make sure that the U.S. will
|    support this. In other words, if CEFACT would be requested to
|    do something, that the minimum is, that the U.S. stands
|    behind and support.

I was not aware that ISO TC 154 was controlled by the U.S.  This
may come as a surprise to the other members of TC 154.  Did CEFACT
ask permission from the U.S. to submit EDIFACT for ISO

| 3. ISO is rather approving methodologies than content, even if
|    there are exceptions. It would be worth to discuss, where and
|    when it is appropriate to standardize content, where all the
|    maintenance work comes after and ISO would be in charge to do
|    so, whereas the content submitter can easily disappear.

ISO is authorized to standardize specifications such as UBL both
in the plain language of the TC 154 charter and in the division of
responsibilities stated in the ISO IEC ITU UNECE MoU.  The issues
relating to maintenance are no more than those usually attending a
PAS submission.

| 4. IMO there are no payload specs in ebXML 15000.

This is exactly the defect that UBL is designed to remedy.


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