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Subject: Re: [ubl] Code list discussion so far

Hello UBL TC,

As previously announced, we held a meeting this afternoon in
Ottawa to follow up on Wednesday's discussion of code lists.  Here
are the high points.

 - We were greatly encouraged to learn that other major XML
   standardization efforts -- ACORD, MDDL, fpML, ISO 20022 -- have
   independently come to conclusions not unlike the ones we're
   coming to.

 - We agreed (in quorum!) to proceed with a quick implementation
   of the strategy outlined in the report of the Wednesday
   meeting, using NMTOKEN declarations for the class 2 codes in
   the UBL 2.0 schemas.  Tasks were identified and assigned as
   follows (in order of execution):

   1a. Anne Hendry categorizes all of the UBL 1.0 code lists ASAP
       into class 1 (specified using schemas) and class 2
       (specified using instances) as follows:

       - Divide all the UBL 1.0 CLs into

         a. Internal (e.g., status codes)

         b. ATG2-defined

         c. All others

       - Put a & b into class 1 CLs (to be specified with schemas)

       - Put c into class 2 CLs (to be specified with standard

   1b. In parallel, the TC designs a standard schema for class 2
       code lists

       - Tony Coates forwards a pointer to his previous proposal
         for a code list schema ASAP

       - The TC discusses this in email and aims to wrap up the
         design in meetings the week of 22 August

   2. The TC transmits the final CL schema to David Kruppke for
      use in generating the class 2 UBL instances

   3. David generates the class 2 UBL instances

   4. David changes the class 2 code declarations to NMTOKEN

   5a. We develop a methodology for a second-pass Schematron check
       of class 2 CLs

       - Ken and Tony produce XSLT to generate Schematron
         assertions from class 2 CL instances

       - Bryan Rasmussen writes up a how-to for performing the
         Schematron validation

   5b. We develop an alternative methodology for a second-pass XSD
       check of class 2 code lists

       - Ken and Tony produce XSLT to generate CL schemas from
         class 2 CL instances

       - Ken and Tony develop and document a methodology for XSD
         validation against the generated class 2 CL schemas (an
         initial thought: importing fragments (apply existing UBL
         schemas using redefine to restore CL validation))

   6. We revise the CL spec for UBL 2.0, including a description
      of the various approaches to class 2 CL validation
      (Schematron, second XSD pass, put codes in an application

Packaging questions that will remain to be answered:

 - Which class 2 instances do we bundle with the release?  (The
   ones in 1.0 plus any others?)

 - Where in the release do we package the class 2 CL instances?


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