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Subject: Re: code list categorization for 2.0


| Category 1b
| -----------
| Codes that are owned/provided by ATG2.
| These are the only ones I see from most recent schema delivery:
| - Currency
| - Language
| - MIMEMediaType
| - Unit
| If I've missed something we'll need to re-evaluate, but ...
| The only one of these we use is Currency, but we had discussed this as a
| category 2.  It's not clear to me that any of these should go into 
| category 1,
| as I believe they are codes that are outside of UBL purview and can change
| without UBL agreement, and may very well change in between UBL releases.
| I think these should all be put as Category 2.

We put these in category 1 simply because it was thought that the
enumerations-in-schema approach was a necessary consequence of our
adoption of ATG2 UDT and datatype schemas.  Is it not?


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