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Subject: Re: [ubl] Re: code list categorization for 2.0

I don't recall that part of the conversation - I was going by the 
categorization in Tony's email and subsequent clarification later in the 
modeling discussions.  The reason you give didn't fall into the reasons 
given for categorizing something as a class 1 (that it would not change 
between ubl releases).  But this is dependent somewhat on how we 
architect the code list solution and how and whether we package the atg2 
schemas as part of ubl or not.  I'm not sure that the code lists in the 
last schema delivery are the final set either.  Given that none of the 
included atg2 codes are owned by atg2, and that they are in separate 
schema files, I didn't think we'd be tied to delivering them.

But best get clarification from David and others on this.


Jon.Bosak@Sun.COM wrote:

>| Category 1b
>| -----------
>| Codes that are owned/provided by ATG2.
>| These are the only ones I see from most recent schema delivery:
>| - Currency
>| - Language
>| - MIMEMediaType
>| - Unit
>| If I've missed something we'll need to re-evaluate, but ...
>| The only one of these we use is Currency, but we had discussed this as a
>| category 2.  It's not clear to me that any of these should go into 
>| category 1,
>| as I believe they are codes that are outside of UBL purview and can change
>| without UBL agreement, and may very well change in between UBL releases.
>| I think these should all be put as Category 2.
>We put these in category 1 simply because it was thought that the
>enumerations-in-schema approach was a necessary consequence of our
>adoption of ATG2 UDT and datatype schemas.  Is it not?
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