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Subject: Re: [ubl] Code list schema


| I agree with the distinction between two types of codelists:
| standard enumerations and industry-provided codelists.  I agree
| that one good way of providing the latter is by requiring that
| each organization responsible for a specific industry-provided
| codelist publish an XML document defining that codelist.  I agree
| that the UBL standard should specify a (simple) schema for such
| "codelist definition XML documents".  I also agree with Jon's
| comment that Tony's proposal supports vastly more functionality
| than what we need for UBL and is therefore quite a bit more
| complex than what we actually need.
| However, I disagree that the UBL TC has to specify a mechanism (or
| provide a tool) that converts a codelist definition document into
| a set of Schematron assertions or into an XSD schema.

I agree that we don't have to provide this mechanism, but it would
be such a huge win for deployment that I would still like to try
for it.


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