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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 22|23 August 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 23 AUGUST 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Stephen Green
   G. Ken Holman
   Sylvia Webb


Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)

   GKH: SC34 opening plenary Sat 12 November in Atlanta, colocated
   with XML 2005.

Liaison report: Tax XML TC

   SW: The TC meets Thursday. They are awaiting response from SG
   or Tim McGrath regarding a question about our definition of tax


   AGREED that we are looking to the Tax XML TC to tell us what
   the proper definition should be.  This is the kind of feedback
   we've been looking for.

Subcommittee report: HISC

   GKH: Nothing to report this week.

   SG: PeterB wants to change the order of the BIEs at the
   document level but fears that this would affect HISC.

   GKH: No, the sequential order doesn't matter to XPath.

Subcommittee report: SBSC

   JB: The SBS 1.0 CD has been submitted to OASIS to start the
   review, and it looks like we're on track to be published this

   GKH: Note point 1 of the input from the Tax XML TC [see URL
   above].  We need to decide whether SBS should be a Standard.

   SW: This is about creating guidelines...

   GKH: In other words, a profile, which in the ISO world is often

   SW: The Tax XML TC is concerned because SBS 1.0 does not
   include some elements that should be mandatory for tax
   purposes; users could be creating records that lack important
   tax information.

   GKH: We can't include new elements in SBS 1.0, because those
   elements are not in UBL 1.0.

   SG: We have already included the additional tax elements in UBL
   2.0 draft data models, so they will be included in SBS 2.0.

   AGREED that we are only going as far as Committee Specification
   for SBS 1.0 and will seek OASIS Standardization for SBS 2.0.

   JB: Altova wants a stable version of SBS 1.0 by mid-September.
   Using the CD is fine for this.

   GKH: But the URNs may change as we go from CD to CS.

   ACTION: JB to check RFC 3132 to see whether URNs have to change
   in going from CD to CS.

Team report: Digital signatures

   JB: Peter needs to set up meetings with Thomas Lee.

Review of Eurasia and Atlantic TC minutes

   No meetings were held last week.


   JB: Please tell me again how Schematron works.

   GKH: Schematron assertions (.sch) are input to XSLT along with
   the Schematron stylesheet (.xsl).  The output of that is
   another XSLT file (.xsl), which is then run against an XML
   instance to be validated, and the output of that is a report on
   the original assertions.


   SG/SW: The work got a long way but didn't finish.  TimM will
   take this offline and hopes that he can soon finish the data
   model, so it appears certain that we will receive a catalogue
   submission.  We also worked on finishing off the new phase 1

   JB: That work needs to transition to the PSC now.

   SW: Some people we thought would participate are not OASIS

   ACTION: Someone to tell Leitch and Benson that they have to
   join OASIS in order to be on the PSC.  [SW later took care of

   SW: We need to finish the models in the next two weeks in order
   to get them into the phase 1 review cycle.

   SG: We cannot add new requirements at this point, and we can
   only add extensions to the existing model, not restrictions.
   We haven't gotten the input we need from OGC yet.

   SW: All additions must be done through formal submissions to
   the PSC and approved by the TC.

   SG: The additions could come in during the public review, but
   OGC needs to understand that they can have no assurance that
   these things will be approved by the TC.

   ACTION: Sylvia to arrange a PSC meeting ASAP.

   SG: PeterB has taken over phase 1 spreadsheet editing as part
   of PSC.

   JB: My understanding is that PB is solely responsible for
   editing the spreadsheets and BettyH is solely responsible for
   checking them into EF.

   SG: We need to make sure that every change is logged
   separately, not just noted in the spreadsheets.

   JB: If PB can't do this, then we will have to designate someone
   to create the change log.

   SG: And if we can't do that, then it would be better to log the
   changes and have SG do the spreadsheet work offline.  [I.e.,
   not a desireable outcome, but better than having the changes
   made to the spreadsheets without a separate change log.]


   AGREED that we will keep holding the Pacific TC calls (a) for
   coordination purposes, (b) so that people can maintain voting
   status, and (c) in the future as a venue for Q/A work.  With
   content work moving to the PSC and TSC, the calls should be
   shorter for a while until we get to the Q/A work.

   SG: Cannot attend next week.

Jon Bosak

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