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Subject: Article by Jon about UBL and the effect of the Danish adoption of UBL

Dear TC,

I would like to point your attention to an article by Jon published this
Tuesday in a major Danish business paper (BÝrsen - translates to "the stock
exchange"). We are very grateful to Jon for helping us with some positive
headlines. The press in Denmark has not been too positive lately about our
introduction of electronic invoicing. The problems does not relate to UBL
but to the public agencies ability to implement an electronic workflow in
order to approve the received invoices.

Please have a look at the article.

English version: http://www.oio.dk/files/Jon_Bosak_Article.doc
Danish version (as it looked in the paper with nice graphics):

On the curious side - the Danish version has some - stupid but funny
translation errors.

* Critical mass - was translated to "critical customers" (not exactly
* Viral technology - was translated to "virus technology" (no we do not want
any of that).

Regards Mikkel

klik for at hente dokument.url

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