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Subject: Significant press release from Sweden supporting UBL

On friday September 23rd the Swedish National Financial Management Authority
announced that 4 billion SEK could be saved during af five year period in
the handling of 11 million invoices. The format proposed is called
"Svefakturan" and is based on UBL 1.0. The solution could be up an running
by the end of 2006. 

Sweden could be a very important adopter of UBL along with Denmark an
hopefully other EU member states.

Read more at http://www.esv.se/news/news/5.108ea49104651bee7d80001143.html

Best regards

Mikkel Hippe Brun 
Chief Consultant, M.Sc.
Phone: +45 3337 9220
Cell: +45 2567 4252
E-mail: mhb@itst.dk

National IT and Telecom Agency
Office of IT Strategy
Holsteinsgade 63
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
Phone: +45 3545 0000
Fax: +45 3545 0010

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